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Download Framaroot Apk

Framaroot apk has made rooting your device without PC a fun. True prowess of Android ecosystem can only be realized once you root the device and unlock it from all limitations imposed by Google, smartphone company or third party service. This rooting app offers various exploits named after popular heroes like Gandalf, Pippin, The Lord of the Rings, Frodo and many others. Framaroot apk also offers easy unrooting. We have shared here precise tutorial on rooting your Android mobiles and tablets with Framaroot. You can follow our guidelines to download and install this app on your android devices. The process to use this apk which is known as one of the best after kingroot is quite simple. The reason for choosing this rooting app is that it offers a very easy way to root and unroot your phones. It also works well with most of the android devices. Perhaps, this is why it is highly recommended that you download Framaroot apk file from here.

download framaroot apk

Lacs of people are looking for ways to unlock their android phones. Rooting will bring great freedom for you to enjoy some wonderful functions and apps.  You can enjoy having apps that are not available in Google Playstore along with many other privileges. We highly recommend our readers to get acquainted with pros and cons of rooting your devices. We also recommend to go through the features of Framaroot apk shared here before following the procedure of rooting.


  1. Framaroot apk is not a permanent apk for rooting. Exploits offered by this rooting application has short life and offers short lived rooting. This is just to prevent your mobiles from the risks of malicious apps. If you are looking for permanent rooting, we recommend you to use Kingroot apk.
  2. Check if your device is compatible with the app or not at net/devices. It is basically compatible with large number of Android devices; models including LG Optimus, Motorola Droid, Samsung Galaxy and Lenovo.

How to Install Framaroot Apk on Android Devices

The first rule to follow before you install Framaroot apk is to enable the Unknown Sources in your phones. Reach the ‘Settings’ option in your mobiles and go to ‘Security’. Just turn on the ‘Unknown Sources’ which will allow apps other than from Google PlayStore.

P.S: Check the screenshot below to understand the above process before installing Framaroot apk on your device.

framaroot unknown sources enable

Follow the steps carefully in sequence to root your device with Framaroot app.

  1. Download framaroot .apk file from directly to your android mobile. Use the below button to download .apk file.

 Download Version 1.9.3
P.S: If you are downloading it from the mobile, then use UC Browser to download the file as it has an inbuilt download manager.

  1. Open the .apk file on your device and tap on install option. The installation will be done in few seconds.
  2. Choose Supersu for installing on your device.
    install using supersu
  3. Click on button ‘Root’.
  4. Now you will see Smiley  icon. This means the the rooting of your device is successful using Framaroot apk.
    rooted using framaroot apk
  5. Reboot your device now.

That’s it. Your Android device is now rooted. Kingroot apk is available here for download. It should help in rooting the device further. However, we advice users to proceed only once you are sure that your device can be rooted. Kingroot can check if your device is rootable or not. In case of any issues you can refer to the FAQs at the official site Or leave your queries in the comment box. Our team will be responding to your queries soon. Always keep checking official as well as our website to get latest stable version of Framaroot APK.

Features of Framaroot Apk App

Here are awesome features this rooting app has to offer. The features will self-explain why you should choose Framaroot apk for rooting:

  • Root your device without PC
  • Allows rooting in few minutes with single click.
  • Compatible with large number of handsets (keep checking /devices/ section for the newly added compatible devices with Framaroot app)
  • To the point easy on-screen instructions to root your device.
  • Its easy to unroot with a single click.

The Gandalf exploit may interrupt the app from working. No worries. Just relaunch this apk once again on your device. This should solve your issue. The latest version of this apk is 1.9.3 which also has an additional feature called Execute Script. With this feature, you can custom script your device if you do not succeed to root your device. There are plenty of more reasons to download Framaroot apk on your device. You can also check root apps as well as available custom ROMs for your device.

P.S: Always check our sidebar to get the latest version and then only download Framaroot apk file.

Caution: Beware of probable consequences of rooting. It may nullify warranty of your phone. In case of any issue after rooting, unroot the phone before taking it to the manufacturer. You can see the option to unroot your device in the Framaroot apk itself.

We are sure this post has simplified procedure of downloading Framaroot apk for Android. Do not hesitate to contact us in case you require any help. If you have successfully rooted your device, share your views for framaroot apk with us. Would you prefer to use it over other similar app? We will be glad to know your experience with this rooting app. Enjoy rooting with this one-click universal rooting way with exploits attached with app.

Download Framaroot Apk Latest Version for Android & PC
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